Congregation protests church closing

June 29, 2008 3:45:32 PM PDT
A Camden County church congregation is up in arms over the planned closing of their church. As the saying goes, "we all have a cross to bear." Well, the parishioners at St. Vincent Pallotti in Haddon Township are quite literally bearing crosses, because they have an ax to grind with the Camden Diocese.

They pounded the homemade crosses into the ground outside the church. Hundreds of them symbolizing a heavy burden.

The Dioceses has decided to close this church and consolidate it with St. Aloysius in nearby Oaklyn. The parishioners of St. Vincent's aren't giving up without a fight and are planting these crosses in protest.

The Camden Diocese is downsizing from 124 parishes to 66. The decision to close St. Vincent's was stunning news for these parishioners.

The parishioners can't understand the logic of closing this place. The church is newer and larger that St. Aloysius and has better facilities.

The parishioners believe they have a strong case, and are hoping the bishop hears them and finds a way to lift their crosses.