Kornberger gets life plus

July 2, 2008 4:38:59 PM PDT
A 23-year-old convicted killer from Evesham Township has been sentenced for his unspeakable crimes, and it's safe to say he'll never walk the streets again.23-year-old Christopher Kornberger entered court knowing the judge was going to lower the boom on him.

Judge Thomas Smith did just that for the murder and rape Krista DiFrancesco outside her Evesham home in spring of 2003 and trying to sexually assault two other women.

DiFrancesco, the mother of an 8-month old, was stabbed nearly 20 times, including once through the eye. Her mother spoke before sentence was passed..

"Krista's daughter is 5, now, and tells me, 'Mommy's an angel.' She asks will she ever come back," Ple Shepper, the vicitim's mother, said.

The judge also heard from Nancy Clark, who survived Kornberger's repeated stab wounds with an 8-inch serrated knife.

Kornberger pleaded guilty to that November 2003 attack.

"Chris Kornberger meant to and nearly did kill me. At times, I find myself left with horrible images replaying the attack," Clark said.

Kornberger expressed no remorse and told the judge he has already hired a new lawyer to handle his appeals.

"Mr. Kornberger is probably one of the most dangerous individuals I have ever come across, and the reason why he's dangerous in this court's eyes, is because of the random nature of his attacks," Judge Smith of the Burlington County Superior Court said.

The prosecution and the victim's families appeared to be satisfied with the sentence.

Kornberger's parents say they believe he is innocent.

"We'll say what we've said before. We feel horrible for those families," Tom Kornberger said.

"We know their lives will never be the same and I understand the fear Mrs. Clark spoke about; I have the same fear," Debbie Kornberger said.

Kornberger is already serving an 18 year prison term for an attack on a Camden County woman. After that, he'll start on the life term plus 51 years

The judge said Kornberger should never be back in society again.