Bucks County UFO mystery solved?

July 3, 2008 8:42:13 PM PDT
One man thinks he knows what the strange lights in the Bucks County sky actually were.The sightings have all been along Route 1 around the Oxford Valley Mall.

There have reportedly been four this year, but a local businessman isn't buying all the hoopla. He blames one of his products for the sightings.

Anthony Lobianco owns Intergalactic Fireworks off Route 1 in Langhorne. He says sky lanterns have been flying off the shelves and then flying into the air.

There have reportedly been four sightings, with the first two in January, and another one in April when Lobianco's store wasn't even open then, but he still believes the lanterns are the floating objects people are reportedly

Many of his customers are not only buying his fireworks but also his theory.

Still there are people who believe in UFOs.

The Mutual UFO Network will send investigators to the location to check out the claims.

Action News tried to get members on camera for an interview. They denied our request, but concede over 90 percent of sightings are manmade, but they're not ready to debunk the most recent sightings here in Bucks County.