Crabber finds 50 year-old wedding ring

July 16, 2008 4:34:30 PM PDT
There was something sparkly in the sand.Nurse Chris Koch of Ship Bottom was crabbing with her family Monday under the bridge that connects Cedar Bonnet Island with LBI when something shiny caught her eye.

"I dug a little and pulled it up and found it was a wedding ring," Chris Koch said.

And inside the gold band is this inscription: EPH to MH. It also has their wedding date from half a century ago.

With a wedding date of June 7th, 1958 it means the owner of the ring would have just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary. Chris thinks getting the ring back would make a wonderful present.

"I hope somebody sees this story and says wow, that's my ring, and comes to claim it," Koch said.

The Koch's have some experience with this. Chris' husband John lost his wedding ring on their honeymoon, so he too is hoping the mystery man who's missing the gold band can reclaim his lost treasure.

The mysterious old wedding ring has people talking. Sue Vonleer of Marlton says she'd be devastated if she lost hers.

"That's a symbol of everything we've gone through for 50 years and it would mean everything to me and I would do anything to find that ring," Vonleer said.

EPH and MH, are you out there? Did you just celebrate your 50th?

If you recognize your wedding band and want to claim it, Chris has turned it over to Ship Bottom Police.