Water Department to raise rates

July 21, 2008 4:43:53 PM PDT
Some people are pretty hot under the collar tonight, because the Philadelphia Water Department is talking about raising rates again ? 30-percent over four years, if it gets its way. Work continues on the water department's Dobson Run Storm Relief Project. The cost: $40-million to create better storm water flow from flood wracked areas in East Falls down to the river. It's the kind of mandatory capital project City Hall says is forcing them to seek another huge rate hike.

City water rates just finished going up 35-percent over the last 4 years. Now the water department wants to hike it another 30-percent over the next 4. That comes out to roughly 15-dollars more a month for the average customer by late 2011. An energy specialist from community legal services says the argument for another rate hike doesn't hold water.

The water department says this is the best way to float bonds in the financial market.

Meetings will be weld to discuss the issue at the following dates and times:

  • Monday, July 21 -- North Philadelphia YMCA, 1400 N. Broad St., 6pm-8pm.
  • Tuesday, July 22 -- Roxborough Memorial Hospital, 5800 Ridge Ave. (cafeteria conference room) 6pm-8pm.
  • Thursday, July 24 -- West Philadelphia YMCA, 5120 Chestnut St., 6:30pm-8:30pm.
  • Friday, July 25 -- JNA Institute of Culinary Arts, 1212 S. Broad St., 10am-12 noon.
  • Thursday, July 31 -- Holy Family University, 9801 Frankford Ave., Campus Conference Center, Room 115, 6pm-8pm.