Dozens of animals removed from Pa. home

July 29, 2008 3:51:40 PM PDT
Unfortunately it's a full house at the Chester County SPCA thanks to a classic case of animal hoarding. Chuck McDevitt of the Chester County SPCA explains, "What hoarding is is when anyone has more animals then they can take care of. SO, for some people that can be three animals, for other people, quite a bit more." In this case, twenty-eight amounted to a bit more.

SPCA agents spent most of the day at a house carrying out crate after crate filled with cats. Many were ill, pregnant or both and none had been spayed or neutered. What's more, the house was said to be filthy and smelly from top to bottom.

"It was extremely unsanitary. When you've got that many animals in a relatively small home there's just no way you're going to be able to care for them properly," said McDevitt.

Also seized was one small dog, but agents agreed to leave behind one bird and a pet rabbit for a child, who was said to be emotionally shaken by what happened today at his house.

An anonymous tip yesterday led authorities to the home. So along with the SPCA agents came child welfare workers. Both agencies, concerned about the conditions inside the house.

McDevitt tells us, "There were even eating surfaces that the animals were using as litter boxes. So, it's pretty bad."

No one at the home would respond to knocks at the door. But according to neighbors the homeowners began taking in cats from a nearby park. No one, however, realized how many.

The SPCA does plan to file charges but at this hour it is not known how many. The couple is said to be cooperating.

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