Love triangle stabbing in Love Park

August 6, 2008 4:00:12 PM PDT
Police say it was a love triangle in Love Park among homeless people that turned deadly. And not only did it happen in one of the city's busiest parks, but in the middle of the afternoon. An eight-inch kitchen knife along with a glove illustrate only part of the deadly drama that unfolded just before 3 p.m. as many people were passing through Love Park. Police say an altercation broke out between two women over a man, all of them said to be homeless. The object of the womens' affection, 44-year old Tony Stewart, says his girlfriend 45-year old Yvette Prince had been bickering with another woman who was merely an acquaintance of his.

"Yvette thought the other girl liked me. Yvette and me hang out together. The other lady, all I did was help her out with her phone and Yvette thought it was something else and they've been arguing for two days about this crazy stuff," Stewart said.

Police say the acquaintance, identified as 51-year old Darcel Baines, pulled a kitchen knife out of her handbag and stabbed Prince in the chest. Stewart said he tried to stop the altercation.

"And it was too late, she was already stabbed, so I couldn't get over there in time," he said.

Police took Baines into custody and said she was still holding the knife when the first responding officers arrived. Another homeless man who knew the three and did not wish to be identified could not believe the love triangle would lead to this.

"The girl's fighting over this dude and the dude wasn't worth fighting over," he said.

Others who hang out and sleep at Love Park say the fatal stabbing shows how crazy things have been getting in recent months.

"And I be scared, but I'm a survivor, I just try to survive," said Warren Fitts.

Baines is being charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime and related offenses.