Saving on big ticket school items

August 3, 2010 4:18:42 AM PDT
When you're doing your Back to School shopping, buying big-ticket items can be the most stressful because they're the most expensive. "We're building a classroom and we're trying to put a projector and a sound system and everything in it."

So how can families and educators like Kackie St. Claire save on big-ticket items?

"I always say for electronics, computers - shop online - you'll get a better deal almost every time."

Michael Glozman of Wynnewood searches for the best, hottest deals of the moment and posts them all on his website This expert bargain hunter also says you should skip the middleman. Buy directly from the manufacturer instead.

And consider refurbished products from manufacturers because they're restored like new and "they come with a one-year warranty and they're sold at a good discount."

If you do go to a brick and mortar store, ask for clearance items, manager specials, and open box products.

"They have all the same guarantees, warranties as they would if it was brand new."