Tuned In to Ryan Tennis

August 26, 2008 7:34:59 AM PDT
Our featured artist this week is Ryan Tennis. He is a singer songwriter from the Philadelphia area. He recently moved back to our area after living in San Diego, California, to help take care of his brother who has West Nile Virus. We caught up with Ryan at The General Lafayette Inn, in Lafayette Hill, PA. Be sure to tune in to TUNED IN's half-hour show on 6abc Digital Channel Sundays at 12:30 a.m. (early Monday morning).

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Here is Ryan Tennis' biography...

The charming authenticity of Ryan Tennis' soft-on-the-soul sound leaves the listener with the comfortable feeling of time spent with an old friend. He wants everyone in the world to find and fall in love with his music, and then hum it in the shower or blast it on a road trip and sing along. Listeners have compared his sound to Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, and Jason Mraz.

Tennis dedicated himself to football until the age of 22. As an undersized lineman, he was a scrappy overachiever whose passionate play won him All-American accolades. The end of his college football career left Tennis with a serious sense of emptiness until he tuned in again to his neglected love of music. Three years and 30 pounds lighter, he played his first show in San Diego. The same determination that powered his football success now drives his all-out musical development.

In 2008 Tennis packed up his guitar and took to the road, touring for five months in Australia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Laos. He played popular clubs in Melbourne, ex-pat bars in Bangkok, and to a crowd 2,000 Bangladeshi villagers at a Women's Rights gathering in Dhaka. A month after returning to the US, Tennis moved from San Diego back to his home town of Philadelphia to build continue his musical journey.

"Music is the ultimate tool for self-discovery. Through performance I can inspire others and connect with the larger human experience."

Please enjoy the performance video from his show at The General Lafayette Inn

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Be sure to tune in to TUNED IN's half-hour show on 6abc Digital Channel Sundays at 12:30 a.m. (early Monday morning).