Biden, secret service attend Mass

GREENVILLE, Del. - August 24, 2008 U.S. Senator Joe Biden carried his grandson Hunter, as he and his family arrived to the St. Joseph's Catholic Church as usual on Sundays.

However, with Secret Service agents standing guard, there was nothing usual about the visit now that Biden is a vice presidential candidate.

Parishioners are taking today's new found national attention in stride; as far as they're concerned vice presidential candidate Biden is just Joe to them.

"My boys went to school with Joe Biden. I've known him for years," Grace Gump of Greenville, Delaware said.

Biden chatted with churchgoers after the service; many have known and supported him since he first entered politics in the 1970s.

Biden will have no trouble winning over the Catholic vote here, a concern for Oboma nationally until now, supporters hope.

Darius Brown agrees, saying Biden's years of experience and expertise in foreign policy is a boost to Obama. At age 26, Brown is the youngest delegate headed to Colorado for the Democratic National Convention.

"I'm very happy. I told a lot of people yesterday was a very good day to be a Democrat, but it was a better day for Delaware," Darius Brown said.

Delaware's other U.S. senator, Tom Carper, had his bags backed for Denver. Carper, a super delegate, said Obama picked the perfect running mate in Biden.

"With Barack we have the vision, the emphasis of change, and the ability to pull people together. With Joe, 36 years of experience on the world stage, knows the world, knows the world's leaders, they know him, has a pretty good idea of what our challenges are and how to address them. It's a great combination," Senator Carper said.

After leaving church, Biden headed home where he's preparing for a Wedesday night speech at the Democratic National Conventional.

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