Are you ready to seize the moment?

2008 Season The possibilities were endless.

Fears were finally quelled when on August 31, 2007, 6abc presented the first ever High School Football Game of the Week.

On that night, visitors watched the live season opening game between the LaSalle Explorers and the Plymouth-Whitemarsh Colonials.

Thanks to what was once called the magic box, but has now been redubbed the 'Stream Machine,' was able to send the live football game signal to all football fans near and far right on their computers.

While some may have seen the opening moments of the very first Game of the Week as a bad omen, when one LaSalle Explorer went down with an injury, his team's resilience foreshadowed the heart of all future Game of the Week contributors and the games only got better from there.

From the players, to the coaches, to the production teams, all who took part in the inaugural season of the 6abc Game of the Week showed that there is certainly no I in team and working together is the only way to come out on top.

This year, 6abc is ready to do it all again. Bigger and better.

Take a deep breath. Now, read the following.

Along with the Game of the Week live every Friday night and High School Huddle, the new 6abc Saturday evening show that will have in-depth Game of the Week coverage, as well as stories impacting players and their community, not to mention extended highlights of most area games every Friday night on, and the famous Gary Papa's Friday Night Football highlights on Action News at 11, 6abc and will have all the bases covered for every high school football fanatic. (Okay, maybe, a baseball reference is a little bit out of place.)

So while last year was all about making an impact, this year for the players, coaches, families, schools, student production teams, and everyone else involved, the 6abc High School Football Game of the Week is all about one thing - Seizing the Moment.

Are you ready?

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