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The close of the cathedral may have been difficult for many baseball fans, but now they can re-live those spectacular moments and go out to the ballgame any time they'd like.

In Derek Jetter's goodbye speech he said "The great thing about memories is that you're able to pass it around from generation to generation."

That may just be the goal of the content added to yankees.com. On the Farewell to the Cathedral page you can find pictures and videos documenting the long history of the New York ballpark. There are pictures of Joltin' Joe and Mickey mantel up to bat. You can vote on the greatest moments of Yankee Stadium as well as take a sneak peak at the yanks future home.


By now, most of you are familiar with Twitter.com. Well blippr.com takes some cues from the popular site. Blippr.com claims it is the best way to discuss, discover and share media with your friends. This website uses a character count limit approach to movies, books, music and game reviews. In just 160 words, users provide a concise analysis of what they've experienced good or bad. Log on if you want to be privy to some creative and brilliant writing.


Viewzi.com's mantra is why should cyber geniuses determine how you get your search results? The tutorial on the site says "The big search engines are great but sometimes they give you too many results and it's too boring."

This website is an engine that collects results from Google, Yahoo, You Tube and more and presents them in the form you designate---either by text, phots, video or a number of interactive options. The site makes info searching a little more personalized and a little more fun.

Erin gets married!

On September 6th, I had a very big day. I got married! It was truly the happiest day of my life.

My husband and I were lucky enough to have all our friends and family surrounding us as we exchanged vows.

Then we had a wonderful celebration in my hometown, outside Albany New York.

Believe it or not, we have Channel 6 to thank for our introduction.

In April of 2007, I was interviewing some people on Rittenhouse Square who were enjoying the nice April weather after a very rainy and cold few weeks.

Little did I know one of those people would be my husband a year and a half later!

Here is a link to the story aired on April 19th, 2007 at 11pm. Sal is the one who references a famous Frank Sinatra line.

So it was only appropriate we played "The Way You Look Tonight" at the reception!

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