McCain campaigns in Downingtown

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. - October 16, 2008 "My friends, we've got them right just where we want them," Senator McCain said.

A giant banner behind him read 'Victory in Pennsylvania' and summed up why McCain was in Dowiningtown.

"The state of Pennsylvania will again decide the next President of the United Sates. I need your votes. We've got to carry Pennsylvania. We will carry Pennsylvania. We must fight for this state and we need your help," Senator McCain said.

Getting a McCain vote won't be hard from this partisan crowd.

"McCain's my man. He's top on the list and he's country first," Thomasina Pekofsky of Downingtown said.

Of course, most of the people here were glued to their TV watching last night's debate and most have their owns thoughts about whether the candidates should end the negative attacks.

"Negative ads are something that's a part of the campaign. I think McCain, being a supporter of his, obviously, I think his attacks are more just truth," Kevin Cavanaugh of Downingtown said.

"I think they're running a lot of lousy ads. I think Obama is pulling some fast ones over people's eyes and not telling the truth in most of the things he is doing…I think McCain is a pretty sharp guy," Clifford Claft of West Chester said.

"It would be nice if we could get on to the subject of what's important for this country, the economic crisis, the healthcare system, and so forth," Bob McAveney of Phoenixville said.

McCain knows 21 electoral votes are at stake in Pennsylvania; this visit was his first to Chester County this election cycle.

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