LaBelle rings in new era, new CD

BALA CYNWYD, Pa. - October 19, 2008 The original Labelles, came to WDAS radio to perform for fans.

Patti LaBelle, Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx are the original members of LaBelle. They performed at WDAS radio, to set the stage for a concert tour and the release of the powerful trio's first recording in 32 years called "Back to Now." The woman split 32 years ago to pursue individual careers.

"I really didn't think Labelle still had it. Really no," Patti LaBelle said. "I was scared. I was scared."

Well the ground-breaking girl group from Philadelphia and Trenton hasn't missed a step when it comes to their powerful soul-rock-funk driven music. Formed in the early 60s, they put on unforgettable shows whether wearing gowns & bouffant wigs or their signature outrageous space age costumes.

A recent performance for radio contest winners was produced by WDAS' Patty Jackson. "You know, you can't go wrong with great music," Jackson said.

Over the years, Patti, Nona and Sarah each nurtured their musical careers. Now in their 60's the legendary ladies hope their new release, "Back to Now," proves as powerful as any work they've done.

"You have a gift, it's not about hit records, said group member Nona Hendryx. "It's about talent. It is. That's the one thing that will survive through it all."

"Nona, Patti and myself, we're the first women to come back after such a long time," LaBelle member Sarah Dash added. "It's a blessing." LaBelle will bless their fans with a concert tour that starts next month. Their new album will be released on Tuesday.

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