NBA star schooled in British playground

October 29, 2008 The National Basketball Association starts its season tonight, but we want to take you back a couple of weeks - when an NBA star was giving a clinic to some kids in London and a local bloke challenged him to a little one-on-one.

A good sport - the NBA star obliged. Since, millions have watched the ensuing game on-line.

Shock, cheers and laughing can be heard as Stuart Tanner pulls some fancy moves, dribbles the ball through the legs of NBA star Devin Harris, scores and then runs off.

If it hadn't actually happened you wouldn't think it was possible: A 28-year-old British trainer takes on NBA star Devin Harris and smokes him.

ABC's Miguel Marquez asked Tanner, "Did you know that white guys aren't supposed to be able to jump or play basketball especially guys with accents?" Tanner answered, "Well, especially British guys. (laughter) I think that's the reason it got so big is because I turn up in jeans and a v-neck sweater playing against am American superstar."

Harris, a point guard with the New Jersey Nets was, in a tough south London neighborhood coaching disadvantaged kids when Stuart Tanner stepped up.

The two minute match became an overnight internet sensation.

Stuart Tanner says, "I went to bed one night - there was about 80,000 views or something - woke in the morning and there was something like 2 and half million views. And I was just like, 'There's something wrong.'"

Devin Harris says on the Youtube video, "Man, did you see how fast he was? He tricked me. He hustled me in my own court."

Devin Harris was a great sport. When asked off camera if he could get Tanner an NBA contract, Harris answered, "We might be able to get him something - we might need to sign him up tonight."

Tanner says he didn't mean to humiliate Harris. He's played basketball his whole life and just wanted his shot with a real star.

When given the opportunity to apologize to Harris, Tanner said, "Devin, I'm sorry if this has caused any problems or you've been disrespected by other NBA players. It was a bit of fun and it got blown out of hand."

But of course if you could do this to an NBA star, you might be feeling a little full of yourself too.

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