Polling location questions & sample ballots

November 3, 2008

She said voters need to pack their patience when they head to the polls. She also advises you do your homework before you even get there.

"It would be extremely helpful for voters if they knew the ballot before they came out to the polling place."

To sample a ballot for your state, check out vote-usa.org. The site will display your customized ballot when you enter your state and address.

And here's something especially important for new voters or voters who've recently moved and have yet to receive a voter registration card: arrive prepared with a valid ID like a state driver's license or ID card, a government or military ID card, a passport, or even a student ID.

And if you're confused about where your polling place is located or what type of machine you'll be voting on we have links below that will help you. We've compiled a handful of sites that give you step by step instructions on where to go and how to vote.

And most importantly said Abraham?

"Get your bones out of bed, get dressed and roll out to the polling place and vote!"

Absentee Ballot provisions
PA Polling Locations & Machine Demonstrations
NJ Polling Locations
NJ Voting Machine Demonstrations
DEL Polling Locations
DEL Voting Machine Demonstrations
The Committee of Seventy - Philadelphia Sample Ballots
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