Mrs. Fixit: Winterizing Lawn Equipment

November 169, 2008

Any equipment with a gas engine should either be drained or run out of gas. If you leave gas in the tank it can clog the carburetor in storage. So do a last run around your yard and run that gas out. This is especially important if you store the equipment in a basement over the winter.

Another option is to fill the tank and add a fuel stabilizer. This additive will keep the gas and carburetor clean. Just make sure that once you add it you run the machine for several minutes to work it into the engine. If your machine has a two-cycle engine and uses a gas oil mixture you can use a stabilizer too. Just check the label first.

These additives are a good idea all year long. They actually keep the machine running well and the engine cleaner.

You should also change the oil and be sure the oil is at the correct level.

Use a stiff bristled brush to clean dirt, dust and grass from the outside decks, intakes and blades of the blowers, trimmers and mowers. then lubricate moving parts with a spray lubricant to protect them from freezing.

Just a few simple steps that you can take so your yard and garden equipment's ready for next season! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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