Delaware set 10-Ton Challenge

January 12, 2009 3:48:09 PM PST
Lace up your sneakers, stock the fridge with fruit and veggies, and click on the link below. If you live in Delaware, and want to lose a few pounds, you have plenty of company - and help.

Delaware residents are gearing up for a healthy challenge - to collectively lose 10 tons - 20-thousand pounds - by the end of March.

The University of Delaware, the YWCA, Christiana Health Care, and the Wilmington News Journal have established the 10-Ton Challenge.

Participants can sign up, and track their progress online. All the information will be confidential. However, the total pounds lost will be published weekly in the News Journal.

Marianne Carter, R.D. Del. Ctr. For Health Promotion, told Action News, "They can report their weights in weekly. We'll keep a tally of how many pounds of they lost. We're hoping for more than 20-thousand pounds for the whole state."

The newspaper will also have weekly health & weight loss tips.

There are a host of prizes-- including a 1-year family membership to the Delaware YMCA.

The challenge formally starts next Tuesday.

To join the Ten Ton Challenge, click here.