W.Pa. getting thousands of pheasants

January 12, 2009 5:24:42 AM PST
A group is trying to bring thousands of wild pheasants from Montana to western Pennsylvania, both to expand game bird hunting and benefit the environment.

Members of Pheasants Forever, a national group, are spearheading efforts to bring wild pheasants to sites across more than 14,000 acres. The plan calls for 1,000 birds to be transplanted to Washington and Montour counties and Brothersvalley and Stonycreek townships over the course of three years.

Group members hope the wild pheasants from Montana will survive, reproduce and start lasting flocks in the state.

To aid in the survival of the wild birds, the group is planting warm-season grasses, making food plots and clearing brush.

More than $200,000 will be needed to see the project through. Group member Greg Urban says grants and donations have paid for much of the work.