Kitten found shot in Chester

CHESTER, Pa. - July 23, 2009 UPDATE: Action News photographer John Turner and his wife Collie have adopted the kitten. They named her Lilly.

The Delaware SPCA has put up a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.

Below is Katherine Scott's previous report:

The kitten is only 8 weeks old and already needs its nine lives.

Concerned neighbors spotted the kitten hiding under bushes and called Animal Control.

"The kitten was found with a bb shot in the neck…it also had trauma to the eye, but we're not sure how it happened," Fran Franchi of the Delaware County SPCA said.

An x-ray shows the bb pellet lodged in her neck. The kitten was too young for it to be removed right away, but it will be removed soon.

Though she might have some vision loss, she's expected to be just fine.

The Chester neighbors who found her worry about what kind of person would shoot a defenseless animal thinking perhaps it's kids making trouble.

"If you're doing that now, what are you going to do when you're old? What are you going to do then?" Bernadette Thomas said.

This kitten is far from alone in its suffering with the SPCA getting over 500 calls a year about animal cruelty and in these warmer months, as more are born, the problem gets worse.

Neighbors on the Chester block are shocked this happened in their neighborhood and they want whoever is responsible to come forward.

Meanwhile Delaware County SPCA is asking anyone with any information to contact them at

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