DA: Woman tried to kill 30 pets, herself

HARLEYSVILLE., Pa. - August 25, 2009 On Thursday, August 20th police were contacted by a veterinary clinic, who said they had received information that Linda Muchnick, of the 1600 bock of East Bishopwood Boulevard in Harleysville, intended to kill herself, her 29 cats, and her dog.

The caller went on to say that Muchnick stated financial hardship made her want to kill herself and her pets.

Officers responded to her home and, receiving no response, went inside.

There they found the 29 cats in a locked room with no open windows, and the animals appeared to be distressed. During the investigation, police say they learned that D-Con rat poison was placed into the cats' food bowls.

In another room, police found Muchnick unresponsive in a room with more rat poison. A sick-looking pit bull dog was with her.

One cat died as a result of the alleged poisoning.

Muchnick has been charged with one count of Animal Cruelty (Killing an Animal) and 29 counts of Attempted Animal Cruelty by Poisoning.

An investigation continues.

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