Reception hall suddenly shuts down

LIMERICK, Pa. - August 25, 2009 Dozens of people hoped to make memories that would last a lifetime at the historic Lakeside Inn.

Now, the "for sale" sign is up and it is out of business. Furthermore, no one has been able to get in contact with the owner.

22-year-old Joy Haring, of Pottstown, is getting married in just two weeks.

The plan was for a dream wedding and a wonderful reception at the Lakeside Inn.. But her bliss erupted into turmoil when she recently found out that the Lakeside Inn had suddenly shut its doors for good.

"Very stressed out, my fiance David was just as upset, angry on my behalf. I was the one who was a basket case because I didn't know what to do," Haring said.

Joy is among dozens of people who put down deposits for receptions, reunions, Christmas parties, etc.

Now, they are wondering if they'll ever get their money back.

The Limerick Police Department has been handling the investigation since the inn officially closed about a week ago, and it's been enough to keep them busy.

"Our phones have been ringing all day, and we have one officer dedicated to just taking complaints about the Lakeside Inn," said Sgt. Edward Ciaciak of the Limerick Police.

Some folks only put down a few hundred dollars, but Joy's parents deposited nearly $11,000. It's money they will likely never see a gain.

But Joy's wedding will not be postponed.

"We were able to come up with a second reception site that did have our date open. Unfortunately, at this point, we have to pay for a second reception," she said.

That means instead of $11,000, Joy's parents are suddenly shelling out more than $20,000 for the reception.

The Harings have something to say to the owner of the Lakeside Inn.

"He has, I guess, no feelings whatsoever as to what he's done to these young girls," said Joy's mother, Jeanne.

So far no charges have been filed, however investigators say there is a possibility of fraud charges.

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