What do I do with all the candy?

April 1, 2010 10:01:38 AM PDT
We love Halloween in my house. But, seriously - how long am I suppose to keep the candy laying around??!! The kids are snacking way too much and frankly I find myself dieting at work and going home and stuffing my face with Snickers bars! (Which by the way are delicious!)

I use to ration the candy as soon as they got it and try to teach the kids to only eat it once in a while. My sister has a different approach that I'm trying out this year. She says let them indulge all they want on Halloween and allow them to eat lots of sugary junk after dinner for a full week. After that, ask the kids to pick just a couple of treats to save and get rid of the rest.

So, last night I packed up all the chips that were left over from our Halloween giving and we gave them to the elementary school for kids who forget to bring their morning snacks. (I'm sure their parents will love that!)

Today the girls will get to pick a handful of favorites, but the bulk of the candy is leaving the house! I'm sure it will be tough and they won't be thrilled. But, I think it helps that they had an entire week to indulge in way more junk than they're usually allowed. Throughout the week I reminded them that this day was coming so they enjoyed the special treats all the more.

I'm guessing they'll put up a fight today, but hopefully we'll save their teeth and teach them some better habits!