Community fights strip club

JAMISON, Pa. – November 16, 2009

The sign you see entering the Just Sports Bar and Grill in Jamison says it all. As of 4 days ago this establishment suddenly became a topless bar. It was a move that resulted in a packed house at Monday's Municipal Board of Supervisors meeting. Some 200 people who live near the bar packed into the council chambers to voice their concerns that included local clergy.

"We'll make sure that we do as much as we can to get our point of view across and to prevent any moral decadence in our community," said Msgr. Robert Powell from the St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church.

"It's a warm community and we have 3 schools within a mile of here, two churches right on either side of us and it's just not an activity that we want in our community," said Debbie Goetz.

The Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution calling on the township to actively enforce any possible illegalities in the bar's recent format change.

"He's changed the sign without a sign ordinance he has not completed his use and occupancy permits that need to come in here in order for him to be running the business, he has certainly started to advertise to do activities that are certainly not permitted in that area," said Judith Algeo of the Warwick Township Board of Supervisors.

But the owner of Just Sports spoke to Action News by phone saying there is nothing illegal about his business and he either has or is in the process of getting all the permits needed.

Bruce Young went on to say, "We provide beverages and entertainment for people 21 years and older. The point is not to offend anybody; it's to survive in these tough economic times."

And Just Sports patrons we spoke to say this is a change for the better.

"It's their right to do this and if they want to have dancers here they have dancers here, people have a choice to go in there, I'll be coming back," said Matt Taylor.

Community activists say they plan to start picketing the place by the end of this week.

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