He has a thing for vintage lights

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) - December 22, 2009

The Oklahoma man has no interest in the energy-efficient lights that a lot of people are using for their holiday decorations. He wants to keep decorating with the old-style, torpedo-shaped Christmas lights that his family has used for years.

Good luck finding those. In order to replace the bulbs that burned out last year, Walls had to visit eight stores before he found any.

He says the new energy efficient lights are "weird looking" -- and "have these unusual ripples." He says if you mix those in with the traditional lights, it looks "dumb."

But he may be fighting a losing battle. An online retailer says sales of the energy-efficient Christmas lights are up by more than 200 percent.

Among the communities that have switched to the energy-saving lights for their holiday displays is the small town of Santa Claus, Ind.

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