Mrs. Fixit: Drapery Ideas

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May 26, 2010 10:00:54 AM PDT
Drapes and hardware don't need to be forever banished to the rooms you originally bought them for, and you don't have to buy new drapes if you've moved, I'll show you how to make them work.

Oversized hardware can give a small window a bigger presence, but it doesn't have to be all matchy, matchy. I took the curtain rings from my old home and paired them with this great dark rod that I didn't have rings for. The gold in the rings highlights the gold detail on the end finials.

Adding rings to a pole is also a great way to give drapes that are a little too short a bit of added length.

What can you do if your drapes are too long? Well, puddling drapes at the bottom gives them a dramatic look.

If that's not practical for your home. Other options? A lot of drapes have two rod pockets, use the lower one and take advantage of the fullness it adds at the top.

How about a bump out or bay window area. If you're not sure how to treat it, think traverse rods on the outside of the window.

I installed these tracks behind the crown molding when it was going up so the drapes frame the area and really draw your eye, and if i want they can be drawn shut for more privacy.

Just some easy ways to make your drapes and hardware work for you. I'm Mrs. fixit and it's just that simple.