Gary Papa "Run for Your Life" today

June 20, 2010 8:49:32 AM PDT
It's been one year since we lost our friend and colleague Gary Papa to prostate cancer.

To honor him today, the Action News team was out in full force at the Gary Papa "Run for Your Life" 5k.

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The 'Team Papa' t-shirts have been handed out and Action News is ready to honor our friend and continue his mission to fight the disease.

Gary's words continue to inspire not just his colleagues but many others, including the team of doctors, nurses and other staff at Penn Urology who cared for him.

They participated as part of their own "Run for Your Life" team this year.

"I think it's a little more personal in regards to getting together to do the race for him," said Anna Bottoms, the Penn Urology Team Organizer.

"He's a really big name around here and we all remember him," said Chris Ganister.

Urologic oncologist Dr. Tom Guzzo says races like Sunday's make a huge difference.

"There are people who will be at this run this weekend who maybe weren't thinking about prostate cancer who will go get screened," he said.

Not only will it increase awareness, the race also raises thousands of dollars to go towards better screening tools, and better treatments, helping us get one step closer to what was Gary's goal of beating prostate cancer.

For more information, or to donate, CLICK HERE.