Veterans Day in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - November 11, 2010

It is a park where an unknown number of bodies, some of them troops from the Revolutionary War, remain underground, unidentified.

It is a park with a constant flame of remembrance, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"Korean veterans, Vietnam veterans, Marines, Army, Air Force, everybody [is here]. My father was a vet, my grandfather was a vet," veteran Pat Love said.

District Attorney Seth Williams showed up at the ceremony in his fatigues; the city's top prosecutor is also a member of the Army Reserve.

"I'm proud to be here with all these veterans, from World War II, and Korea, and Vietnam that are here, just to show my support and thanks to them," Williams said.

Veterans Day was established back in 1926 to honor all who have served whether they made it back home or not, which brings us to the ceremony that took place at the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia.

A large gathering, veterans and non-veterans, honored and paid tribute, particularly to the local soldiers who served in Korea, and were not able to return home to receive their thanks.

Charles Jones still carries a picture of his brother, Frank, who left to fight in Korea many decades ago and is presumed dead.

"He was fantastic. He was a boxer, he was a diamond belt fighter before he went in, and he was MIA, they never found him," Jones said.

Frank's memory lives on through the living veterans and volunteers, who work to make sure this day remains special, and is never ignored.

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