New red light cameras debut in Northeast Philly

PHILADELPHIA - December 31, 2010

The cameras start clicking away Saturday January 1st. now, the good news is that for those who violate the space of the intersection is that the first 60 days people will only get warnings in the mail. However, after March 1st, the snapshots from the cameras will come with $100 fines.

Traffic signal technician Tom Pace made some final adjustments to the traffic signal camera system at Aramingo Avenue and York. It will be switched on tomorrow along with cameras at Aramingo and Castor Avenue.

Proponents of the cameras argue they bring order to chaotic intersections where drivers run red lights with impunity.

You didn't have to go far this morning to find local pedestrians and drivers praising the new installations.

Patrice Malkowski of Fishtown tells us, "I grew up here and I've seen many accident on this corner. I actually saw someone get hit one time. So, it's a pretty dangerous intersection, so I think it's a good idea."

"The [intersection] up on Castor is definitely a death trap," said Benny Ventimiglia of Burlington, New Jersey. "I mean, people come through there - there's a left turn lane, a straight lane, people criss-cross. I mean, that's definitely bad. This is a pretty bad intersection too so it's definitely going to be a good idea."

Philadelphia's parking authority first installed red light cameras along the Roosevelt Boulevard. With the new additions, there will now be twenty locations, including two near City Hall.

The cameras have generated more than $16-million in total fines.

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