Mrs. Fixit: Cleaning Baseboards

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February 12, 2011 6:14:56 AM PST
During your regular cleaning, sometimes it's the baseboards that get overlooked. I have some easy ideas on how to clean them and keep them cleaner, longer!

First, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum and working room by room vacuum loose dust and dirt from the baseboards.

Next, treat any scuff marks. Some white toothpaste on a damp cloth with remove those scuffs from both natural wood and painted baseboards.

Wipe any excess toothpaste away with a clean damp cloth.

Finally, mix a quarter of a cup of liquid fabric softener and a half a gallon of water and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the baseboards.

This will do two things: it will remove any dirt that was left behind by the vacuum and the fabric softener will cut static electricity repelling dust and keeping those baseboards cleaner longer!

See that wasn't so bad! I hope these tips help keep your baseboards looking their best! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!