Facebook security, hi-tech gloves and more

January 27, 2011 3:44:20 PM PST
Facebookers now have new tools to protect their accounts from hackers and there's now a way to use your touch screen device without taking off your gloves.

Facebook increases security

The social networking site Facebook has two new security features - just one day after founder Mark Zuckerberg's personal fan page was allegedly hacked.

You can now browse through HTTPS, which essentially creates an instantly secured connection. Turn the feature on by going to Account Settings. It'll help eliminate hacking when you're on unsecure, public wireless networks.

Keep in mind, however, that HTTPS can also increase your page loading time.

Facebook has also launched a new authorization feature. If suspicious activity is detected on your account - you'll be prompted to verify your identity through social authentication.. For instance, you'll be shown pictures of your friends - then be asked to name them.

Trade-in baby and toddler products

The Toys R Us - Babies R Us Great Trade-In event is back!

Bring in used baby and toddler products for a 25-percent discount on the purchase of a new item from participating suppliers.

The program starts Friday and continues through February 21st.

Links: http://bit.ly/f8XN6w

Gloves for touch-screen devices

If you have a touch screen device, your fingers probably feel frozen when you're emailing or texting outside.

But now there is a solution called Agloves . They're designed to be conductive using a silver woven yarn.

You can buy Agloves online either on the company's website or on Amazon, but hurry - hi-tech gloves like this are so popular they're selling out.

In fact, NorthFace makes a version but they're already sold out company wide - You can now find them only on eBay.

Link: http://www.agloves.com/