Becoming an Eagles Cheerleader

March 3, 2011 3:32:18 AM PST
24-year-old Tracey Dunn desperately wants to be an Eagles Cheerleader and she's leaving nothing to chance. She's perfecting her dance moves, while flinging her long hair and flashing a brilliant smile. She made the squad twice already but surprisingly that doesn't mean a thing! She has to train for tryouts just like the hundreds of girls she'll be competing against.

"That's the big thing, no guarantee that you'll make it back," she explained. "You're always constantly fighting to keep your spot. But that's good; it keeps you on your toes."

We met up with Tracey while she was training at Bally Total Fitness in South Philadelphia.

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Tracey grew up in the area and studied dance in college which she said helped her prepare for her first audition with the Eagles.

"I walked into a room with 500 girls that can be an eye opener and really get your nerves going," she said.

Tracey stayed calm and endured several cuts all in the first day. The actual audition process takes about a month. Each contestant must prove she has the moves and looks physically fit.

One highlight of making the squad, the annual Eagles Cheerleader calendar shoot.

But Tracey said people only see the glamour. What would surprise them the most?

"The struggles we go through, you're going to be tired, overworked and sweaty, it gets stressful."

The women work hard training and you can follow Tracey and two other cheerleading hopefuls as they blog about their audition process.

The final auditions are set for Saturday March 26th.