Gym thief steals credit cards

March 3, 2011 8:54:49 PM PST
It's been reported many times before, of a wallet stolen out of a gym locker, but this time the wallet was left behind; the thief was only after the credit cards.

Detective Bob Monahan of the Voorhees Police Department is looking for that man.

"This guy is good at what he does. He's able to get into the gym, get into the locker, get these credit cards, mind you he's only taking the credit cards, he's not taking the wallet," Monahan said.

After lifting the credit cards from the New Jersey gym, the suspect raced to a nearby Target store and Office Depot. In just minutes, with the help of the credit credits, the suspect was the owner of a new 55-inch TV, a HP laptop computer, and an iPod.

The bandit left with his merchandise in a distinctive yellow Penske rental truck.

The wanted man is said to have done this crime before in northern New Jersey where he was seen driving a U-Haul van last fall.

"Same thing. Went into a health spa, got himself some credit cards and went off to a local Best Buy," Monahan said.

That haul was worth $3,600 and included 55-inch and 46-inch TVs.

Health club patrons told Action News Thursday night they are not surprised. These types of crimes have prompted some to have changed where they keep their wallets and other valuables when working out.

Gym patron Sagar Patel of Voorhees tells Action News he used to bring a lock and kept his valuables in a locker room, but now he always carries his wallet in his pocket.

Cheyenne Prawdzik of Cherry Hill goes one step further.

"I don't bring them; I leave them home, I don't want to be a victim to theft," Prawdzik said.

Police are hoping someone will recognize the man seen in the surveillance video. Anyone with information is asked to call the police tip line at 856-627-7174.