Good Samaritan shows up at casino

March 14, 2011 8:51:26 PM PDT
Every once in awhile, we need reminders that there are good, honest people out there and this is one of those reminders.

Danny Annise is happy to have her glasses case and its entire contents back thanks to an honest to goodness Good Samaritan.

This story begins last Wednesday ngiht inside Harrah's Chester casino

Annise had wrapped up a good night on the slots when she discovered she had lost her glasses case and the tidy sum of cash inside, her winnings for the night totaling hundreds of dollars.

Despite efforts by friends and casino security to find the case, there was no luck. Then Danny's phone rang early the next morning with a fellow Cherry Hill woman telling her she'd found the case on the casino floor and would deliver it to her right away.

The Good Samaritan did not want her identity revealed.

"It would never occur to me to keep the money myself and since her name was in the wallet, I decided to look her up myself and bring it to her myself," the Good Samaritan said.

"She came over, gave it to me intact and just would not take anything from me," Annise said.

"It wasn't my money to begin with and I just wanted to do the right thing and if it happened to me I would hope the person would bring the money back to me," the Good Samaritan said.

So the cash is back in the hands of the rightful owner, showing integrity and honor still exists despite a steady flood of examples that at times is in short supply.