Tow truck driver shot while on the job in Chester

March 30, 2011 2:39:20 PM PDT
Police are trying to figure out if a tow truck driver was the intended target of gunfire on Wednesday morning.

The driver has not yet been identified, but authorities did say he is 33 years old and suffered more than one gunshot wound.

Officers were called to an alley off of the 2100 block of Edgemont Avenue around 10:00 a.m. for a report of a shooting.

When they arrived they found the driver, from Philadelphia Auto Recycling, with a gunshot wound. Investigators say the driver was there to pick up a car for salvage.

Someone had called to have the non-functioning vehicle removed and the driver was shot as he was backing up his truck to collect the car.

Police believe the shots came from a nearby row home and, after the driver was shot, the truck continued and crashed into a tree.

There was no word on the circumstances on the shooting, so there is no word on if the tow truck driver was the intended target.

He was rushed to Crozer-Chester Medical Center where he was still undergoing surgery by Wednesday evening.

Many of the people Action News spoke to along the 2100 block of Edgemont Avenue say they are disturbed by what happened, but not surprised.

"Sometimes it can get dangerous around here. Things go on, crazy, every day," said Juaneice Shelton.

"It's a bad neighborhood, they need more security around here. It goes on every day," said Marna Wilmore.

"Every day it's something different on this corner."