Mrs. Fixit: Decoupage with Tissue Paper

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April 6, 2011 3:57:05 AM PDT
The light switch and outlet covers in this room were fine, but once I found this black and white checked tissue paper, I realized a little decoupage action could turn these plain covers into beautiful accents.

Lay your tissue out on a flat surface and use a warm iron to completely flatten it and remove any wrinkles.

Lay your cover front side down on the back side of the tissue and using a light hand so you don't tear the tissue, trace the cover and any openings.

Now draw a second line about a half an inch outside of the first and cut out your template.

You can make decoupage glue from plain white glue and water. You want a mixture of two parts white glue to one part water.

Paint some of the glue onto the cover making sure the you get all of the edges too.

Then gently lay the plate onto the tissue paper. Then gently fold the edges around the sides and onto the back of the plate and then allow the glue to dry.

Use a craft knife to cut an "x" or cross into the opening for the switch or outlet and then grab the glue again. Sparingly add glue to the back side of the opening and all of the back edges.

Once it's completely dry, go over the entire front with another layer of decoupage glue. This will make the front more durable and prevent the paper from ripping.

There you have it, a custom cover for pennies! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!