Docs rock in Philly to fight diabetes

April 8, 2011 2:39:41 PM PDT
With diabetes rates rising, some local doctors are doing their part to promote research, in the form of an unusual fundraiser.

For Doctor Jeremy Jaffe, rock music has always been a passion. For decades Jaffe and his bandmates in the group "Rightback" have squeezed their music in between college, careers, and kids.

This weekend, Dr. Jaffe and "Rightback" will play at the famed Electric Factory with 3 other doctor-bands in "Rockin' Docs." It's a concert to benefit diabetes research.

It's also a personal mission for Jaffe.

"I myself was diagnosed when I was 27," he said.

While diabetes doesn't hold him back, Jaffe says it has been a challenge.

"I have to think myself, 'OK, a tune is coming up that I'm going to be playing a lot. Do I need to take my juice, do I need a glucose tab, do I need to check my sugar?" said Jaffe.

But Jaffe, an anesthesiologist, and fellow musician Dr. Ken Einhorn - an ear, nose, and throat doctor - created the concert for another reason.

Their kids have diabetes.

"There is still not a cure, and diabetes in general, the incidence rates are still going up," said Dr. Einhorn.

The concert starts at 1:30 Sunday afternoon. It's open to all ages - and you don't have to be in the medical community to attend.

The cost to get in is $25, with the proceeds will going to supporting research for juvenile diabetes.