At 97, N.J., teacher is still going strong

April 13, 2011 5:02:01 AM PDT
Agnes Zhelesnik, 97, is baking banana bread with her preschoolers for a very good reason.

"Because 'n' is in 'bananas,' and we'll soon do 'g' for 'gingersnaps,' so the kids learn," Zhelesnik said.

To the kids, the teachers, to everyone, Agnes Zhelesnik is Granny and the Sundance School is happy to have her.

"It's like you woke up and won the lottery," Ginny Tobey, Sundance School founder, said.

Granny prances around her kitchen classroom with not an ounce of fatigue in her sneakered spry steps.

Even at 97.

Granny started working at Sundance 15 years ago after Joe, her husband of 61 years, passed away. She was 82 then.

Granny is teaches kids Monday through Friday, 8 until 4, and on some days she has after-school classes.

"I have a sewing class, about 6 girls, and they love to sew," she said.

Father time can't seem to keep up with this beloved young lady. She's far too busy, and having too much fun.