Girls shocked by batting cage in Montgomery County

April 21, 2011 2:38:27 PM PDT
Two girls were hospitalized after being shocked by an electrified batting cage in Montgomery County.

A short circuit in an electric box apparently electrified the metal fencing at the Pottsgrove High School baseball field on Wednesday night.

"The first thing that got my attention was a little girl screaming, screaming and crying," said coach Bruce Brobst of Spring-Ford, which was playing Pottsgrove High at the time. "It was enough to draw my attention away from the game."

One of the girls couldn't escape.

"She was actually holding onto the pole and couldn't let go and a parent had to get her off of the pole," Brobst said.

That parent is Bryan Larkin, the father of Spring-Ford player. He rushed to the girl's aid, and pulled her form the structure.

"He pulled her away and suffered a light shock as well," said Lt. Michael Foltz of the Lower Pottsgrove Police.

Police say the girls - ages 7 and 8 - were alert and sitting up when medics arrived.

It appears one of the hot wires attached to the outlet came in contact with the metal electrical box, creating the surge.

Late Wednesday evening crews repaired it. On Thursday ,the cage was back in use.

The little girls are said to be recovering just fine.