Deal site without the daily pressure

June 6, 2011 7:29:21 AM PDT
When Ray Khorram opened Yogo Sano, an organic frozen yogurt shop in Wayne just a couple of months ago -- he wanted to get the word out to potential customers, without compromising his product or breaking the bank.

He feared Daily Deal sites would bring a rush of one-time customers who wouldn't come back... And coupon magazines wanted money up front.

So he chose to offer a 50% off deal on a new deal site called

Khorram explains, "We are looking for the customers that are not just looking for a deal, they want a quality yogurt. And they want to be our customer forever, not just one deal and not show up any more." started as a Daily Deal site, like Groupon or Living Social, but founder Jason Probert found there were just too many similar sites. Instead, he created a site with more than 100 offers that run for months at a time and where users get only one email a week.

Probert explains, "You can basically buy what you want., when you want it. And you don't have to buy it today, you can buy it tomorrow, or three months from now. A lot of our offers are on the site for six months at a time."

The average discount on Zooyan is 50%. About 20 people redeemed the 50% off Yogo Sano deal within two weeks of when it went online. But the offers aren't limited to food.

"We have everything," Probert says. "You can find somebody to repair your home on our site. If you want somebody to walk your dog, we have offers for that."

Zooyan will soon have apps for the iPhone and Android, but for now, the only way to get Zooyan's offers is to sign up on their website. Click here to access it.