Cindy Anthony: 'I searched for Chloroform'

Cindy Anthony, wearing a necklace with a photo of her granddaughter Caylee, waits in the courtroom for the start of court in the murder trial of her daughter, Casey, at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla., Thursday, June 23, 2011. Casey Anthony is charged with murder in the death of her daughter Caylee in 2008. (AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool)

June 23, 2011 12:37:47 PM PDT
The mother of a Florida woman accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter is testifying about computer searches on a laptop at the family's home.

Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy, testified Thursday that she had used a computer at the family's Orlando home to do searches about chloroform.

Prosecutors contend that Casey Anthony searched about chloroform on the computer. Chloroform is a chemical compound that can be used to knock someone unconscious and it is also is found in human decomposition.

The body of Casey Anthony's daughter, Caylee, was found in December 2008, almost six months after she disappeared in Orlando. Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty. She faces the death penalty if convicted.