Call for Action Results: Computer issue resolved

July 13, 2011 3:10:28 PM PDT
Richard Weinstein lost internet service on his new computer. When he called the manufacturer, he was told that he needed to buy new software.

"I said 'Why do I have to purchase that? I have a brand new computer.' And I had a warranty," Richard told Action News. "They said, 'Your warranty is not going to cover this. So you're going to have to purchase this software - or you're not getting any internet. It's either one or the other.'"

Richard says the company billed his credit card for the software without his approval. And when he tried calling Customer Service to get the charge taken off, Richard says he had a hard time understanding a lot of the representatives.

"That was another big problem," he explained. "Every time I spoke to someone and tried to get help, no one spoke English."

So he contacted the Call for Action volunteers.

"They pushed it along," said Richard. "They were able to get me someone, like a high level supervisor, so they can push the problem along faster."

Richard says just a couple weeks later, his computer was finally fixed, and the software charge was taken off. Richard says none of that would have happened without Call for Action.

"The service was excellent. They got on the problem immediately. They kept me updated and it was fast," he said.

As always, if you have any consumer issue you'd like help getting resolved, our volunteers are here to help. The CFA hotline number is 1-866-978-4232, that's 1-866-WPVI-CFA.

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