Money-saving travel tips

July 18, 2011 2:50:30 PM PDT
Julia Dimon's website is called Travel Junkie Julia for good reason.

"I've been to over 80 countries across all 7 continents," Dimon says. "So, in terms of travel, i've done it."

But Dimon says you don't have to spend a lot to vacation, if you know a few tricks, especially in this era of social media.

"Following your favorite airlines, your favorite hotel brands on Facebook or Twitter, that's often a great place where you can get last-minute deals, promotional codes, discounts, and other things to save money that aren't necessarily publicized elsewhere," Dimon explains. "Both Facebook and Twitter, if you're not on there following your favorite airlines and hotels, it's time to do that."

She also suggests making airplane reservations in the middle of the week, considering smaller airports like Lehigh Valley or Atlantic City, and being flexible on your travel dates.

"If you can be flexible with your travel dates, that's key," Dimon says. "Flying mid-week -- Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday -- those are great times to fly. Often they're less expensive than flying on a Friday night, for example."

She also suggests looking for off-season destinations.

"Aspen is a prime example. That's known as sort of a winter getaway, for bunnies and celebrities, but it's beautiful there during the summer, and also you can get some really great discounts because it's the off season," Dimon says.

Finally, to stretch your vacation dollars, she suggests redeeming frequent traveler and credit card points and not being shy about asking for freebies and upgrades.

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