Hoarding suspect: 'I love animals, can't stand people'

FRANKFORD - August 17, 2011

Inside the home on the 1600 block of Granite Street, authorities say they found 4 dead cats and 15 others living in filth and unsanitary conditions.

"This property is horrendous inside; every room is covered in urine and feces. In some places, it's 4 to 5 inches deep in this house," SPCA spokesman George Bengal said.

Authorities say the homeowner, Brogan, was living in the home with no working toilet.

"I love animals and can't stand people," Brogan said.

Because the woman is being charged with four counts of animal cruelty she was taken into police custody. The SPCA will ask the district attorney's office that she be ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Meanwhile, authorities say the home is a health hazard to neighbors on the block.

"The neighbors are complaining about the foul smell and the fleas and the roaches were coming into their property also, so we were hoping L&I would get out here today, but apparently they're not going to be out here until tomorrow," Bengal said.

Police say Brogan is living on social security so it's unlikely she has the thousands of dollars it will cost to clean up the mess inside.

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