Moving day for Temple freshman

PHILADELPHIA - August 24, 2011

Wednesday was Temple's turn, as a new batch of freshman became proud Owls.

"Today is one of the biggest days of the year for us," said Michael Scales, Vice President of Temple University Student Affairs. "We have approximately 2,000 students coming in today, and 5,200 over the next couple of days."

The newbies stacked their things into big orange bins, and counted on parents and siblings to help them get it all up to their new room.

For some families, like the Oyelalas, it is old hat, as they pushed their third and last daughter, Temi, out of the nest and contemplated life without kids.

"We're looking forward to it; for some quiet time," said Tutu Oyelala. "But we're going to miss the girls, her especially. She's the baby."

"It's a little surreal," said Temi Oyelala. "I still can't believe it. But I think when they leave, that's when it'll kick in. Oh my goodness, I'm alone! I have to fend for myself."

Madelyn Allard, on the other hand, is new to this, and has no fears about saying goodbye to the countryside of Tilden Township.

She's not big on the classroom, but she is thrilled to start her new life in the big city.

"I'm so excited. I can't wait to meet all my roommates and stuff. Not really looking forward to classes and like, learning," said Madelyn Allard.

There's going to be a party for the students, a chance to figure out activities and meet new friends. And for the parents, there is also something special, a symposium on how to deal with the empty nest.

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