Hurricane Irene brings high waters to Darby

COLLINGDALE, Pa. - August 28, 2011

The Action Cam was on the scene at the intersection of Springfield Road and Mcdade Boulevard, where several homes were overtaken by high waters from the Darby Creek.

Most of those residences were evacuated in the flood-prone area.

Police say that major flooding is also a concern on other Darby-area roadways including 9th and Main streets, Mcdade Boulevard and Main Street, and on the 700 block of Pine Street.

In some areas, the water is slowly beginning to recede.

Fire crews in Collingdale and Darby are using hoses to push out mud, so that as the water continues to recede, the mud will go along with it.

Police and rescue crews are urging residents to stay indoors, and to avoid going out on the roads.

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