Thomas Capano found dead in Delaware prison cell

SMYRNA, Del. - September 19, 2011

Capano's family confirmed his death to Action News, saying that he had a history of heart problems.

Capano was the politically connected attorney who was convicted of killing his mistress, 30-year-old Anne Marie Fahey. Fahey was the scheduling secretary to then-Gov. Tom Carper.

Just before she disappeared she was dating Capano, a local power broker and an influential lawyer.

At trial, prosecutors convinced a jury that Capano shot Fahey in a jealous rage because she wanted to end their affair, and that he tried to cover up his crime by dumping her body in the ocean with help from his brother.

Capano was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with almost no hope of parole.

Capano's brother-in-law says he could never believe it was pre-meditated.

"Obviously he had some involvement with it but he was just not the kind of person to commit pre-meditated murder. There was no reason for it," said Lee Ramunno.

His brother-in-law also said Capano had recently suffered two minor heart attacks but so far, there's no official cause of death.

Action News reached Anne Marie Fahey's brother Robert at his office today in Wayne. He says the family is not talking on camera but he did give a statement over the phone regarding the family's reaction:

"The immediate reaction is that every religion that our family knows requires atonement for one's sins and since he never apologized or admitted any level of guilt, our opinion is that at some time today he went straight to hell and that's where he belongs."

Capano had spent time on death row before his death sentence was overturned.


Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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