Double amputee saved from fire meets rescuers

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. - September 24, 2011

It's been a long road for the Clifton Heights man after the double amputee was trapped in his burning home on Brittany Drive in June.

"It was really hard between the smoke and the fire because there was really a lot fire," Dalton said.

But his saviors, neighbor Andrew Collins, 17, and Kate O'Neill, who works in a dental office next door, rushed in and pulled him out.

Dalton who was burned has been in a rehabilitation center.

But Saturday, his wife was able to get him out for the day for a party at their temporary home in Springfield.

They celebrated his rescuers who he was able to see for the first time since the fire.

"He looks wonderful. He just looks great, I was so excited to see him," O'Neill said.

O'Neill and Collins were also commended by Upper Darby's mayor and fire department.

"It's just kind of instinct. I guess, it's in my blood or something, but once I saw the smoke I just kind of went into action," Collins said.

It also happens to be Dalton's birthday.

"Without these two wonderful people, there is no birthday today, just a memory, it would have been, that's it, honestly," Tom's wife Joanne said.

While the Dalton family honored Collins and O'Neill with plaques for their selfless act, Tom says it will never be enough.

"It's really hard to put in words," Dalton said.

It's all about the party today, but Dalton still has another month in rehab.

Renovations to his Clifton Heights home should be done by December.

Family, friends, and neighbors have donated money to make upgrades to the house so Dalton will be able to get around it better.

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