Zeppoli, a sweet place to visit

WEST COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. - September 29, 2011

Zeppoli is located at 618 Collings Avenue in West Collingswood, New Jersey, a few blocks from Collingswood's bustling downtown and minutes from Center city via the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Owner/chef Joey Baldino grew up in South Philly but took his time travelling through Silicy before opening his restaurant.

Collingswood being a "dry" town, Zeppoli is BYOB, which saves diners money.

The chef's dedication and energy create exotic meals at surprisingly affordable prices. His homemade tagliatelle is tossed with a prized Sicilian shaved tuna roe, giving the dish a salty, oceanic taste.

He can roast you half a chicken in his convection oven in just minutes, so your entree is prepared to order, from scratch. He also makes creative salads.

He even house-bakes breads and home-makes sausage. But the zeppoli are what makes his menu unique.

There's a savory appetizer version flavored with anchovies. And, as you'd expect, there's the sweet dessert version rolled in cinnamon sugar.

The menu has other entree choices including steak and even rabbit.

Sicily's history includes influences from neighboring Morocco, France, Spain and even Greece, so all these have a hand in shaping the menu.

Zeppoli is open nightly except Tuesday for dinner. It has its own free parking lot.

For information or reservations you may phone 856-854-2670, or go to their website, Zeppoli

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