Strides against breast cancer - Radka Moravec

LANSDALE, Pa. - September 26, 2011

Every day this week, leading up to the walk, we will be introducing you to five women who are, indeed, making strides against the disease.

Of the five women we met, some are currently deep in their battle against the disease. Others have fought, won and are now survivors.

Today we meet Radka Moravec de Negret, a 39-year-old Lansdale woman just diagnosed with breast cancer in May.

"It hit me. It really did and I was scared," she said.

When Radka learned she had Stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her sternum, she was floored.

She'd felt pain in her chest for months but assumed it was caused by breastfeeding her 17-month-old daughter, Sophia.

"No family history whatsoever of any cancer, nothing. So there was no way in a million years I would have expected anything," Radka said.

But doctors say the two biggest risk factors for getting breast cancer are simply being a woman and getting older.

"The majority of people who get breast cancer have no family history," said Dr. Debra Somers Copit, a radiologist at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

In fact, Dr Copit had found a small lump in her own breast in March and shared her story with Radka.

"She said 'You listen to me. No matter what they tell you there, you're going to be fine. You're a fighter and you're going to make it,'" said Radka.

Radka has been getting weekly chemotherapy treatments since June and the medicine is working.

Always a healthy eater, she's cut out all wheat, chocolate and sugars. She and her entire family have embarked on a veggie-laden daily juicing regiment.

Radka also plasters her house with affirmation-filled Post-It notes, determined to win her battle against breast cancer.

"She's got a great attitude. I think the one thing that's wonderful is that she's really responded to the treatments. This is exactly what you want to see," said Dr. Copit.

"Everything takes work," Radka said. "But it's up to you to really take control of your life."

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